What feeling hurters you guys are!

oh looks like he’s gone upstairs, good jo—

wait never mind…

Your name is DREW JOHNSON. You find INTREST in a number of things. You love the TERRIBLE CLOTHES you’ve picked up over the years, they’re amazing in every way. The fact that you own and WEAR them makes some of your dear friends want to cry. You also enjoy doing a lot of CHARITY WORK, and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT. You think everyone deserves a helping hand, which is why you spend a good amount of your time BABYSITTING for free! You also love to do CRAFTS, dear LORD do you love crafts! Knitting, sewing, crocheting, scrap booking, cooking, heck even DRAWING! You like to do all these things and save as much money as you possibly can! You and your BROTHER don’t have very much of an income.

> What will you do now?

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